Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let's talk: VMAs

        The VMA were very exciting don't you think? I loved it! All these surprises gave me chills :) Beyonce's preggers and Lady Gaga may just like being a man. If you didn't see the You and Me music vid see it now! It has her as a guy in that too, so I wasn't too shocked when I saw her onstage. I also loved Chris Brown's dancing... mhmm... oops drifted. ;)

        I totally forgot to watching both Pretty Little Liars episode today and Seventeen's Pretty Amazing. I'll tell you what I think of it when I watch it :).

My new obsession is vintage clothes. I go looking around in the mall all the time to guess if any one's wearing vintage clothes. Warning: Watching and looking at all the patterns and designs may make you a little dizzy.

I'm reading the Lucky Guide to mastering any style I thought I really wouldn't need it but I looked inside and it is amazing the outfits and styles that they put inside and together! It really is unique!

Sorry that I posted this late......

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