Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wishlist Review: ViolentLips Lip Tatoos

These are pretty amazing, I saw these on her channel just five minutes ago. It's just like a temp. tattoo except on the lips. She shows you how to apply them but nothing else. She also had a contest going on for her pets, but this was a couple of months ago.

She is showing the example of the pink polka dots ones. On the website of ViolentLips there are many more to choose from. There is rainbow, gold glitter, (Britain flag) Union Jack, Pink Leopard, the American Flag. They have about ninety different kinds in total. Some of the tattoos are a solid color with a word on there. Some say Single which I like the best, or and... which is the one I don't get.

Free Shipping over $30, Coupon (25% off $25 or more Use Code 25x25 only on the website) is on the website and also...

You can try it out and get a tutorial from the original website.

ViolentLips was created by entertainment industry veteran Jeff Haddad and his daughters Isabella and Sophia. Violent Lips is a line of natural and vitaminenhanced temporary lip tattoos that stay put from the stage to the after-party.These FDA approved, vegan lip tattoos, are tested on supermodels, not animals and made in America. (From ViolentLips)

Celebs love it!

The Kardashians Kylie and Kendall (From Left to Right)
From The Violent Lips Blog, I do not own these pictures.

"Don't you think it's only a matter of time before Katy Perry starts wearing these every day? I'd better buy more before they totally sellout." - Cosmopolitan

"These dramatic lip decals (that apply like temporary tattoos) are the only thing you'll need to get scary-pretty in an instant!" - Teen Vogue.
You can get the lip tattoos at Ulta or Sephora!


I would suggest something with a one color scheme because as shown in the video it doesn't get the whole lip and you have to cover it up with lipstick or lip gloss of some kind.

She also said that it's she could feel it coming off already which means that it probably doesn't last that long. (Violent Lips say that they last up to 8 hours)

You have to cut them out to the shape of your lips. Which I bet can be frustrating. (Convenient is the lips scale that is on the back)

Price : Few are14.95 and (Most) 9.99

I think that it isn't too bad except I think that lip tattoos should be a special event kind of thing or Halloween even. I think that wearing one of these to a club would be really cool.

They also sell shirts if you like the product a lot.

Violent Lips did not pay me to blog about this, I do not own the video either. I am just doing a Wishlist Review.

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